Mathemagician workshops: maths magic for schools

If you’re a maths teacher, you probably spend a good deal of time trying to think up new ways to show your students the power of maths – to convey to them how intriguing it is and how relevant it is to their lives. What you need is a mathemagician.

maths taught with magic

Our maths magic workshop is a great way to bring the maths curriculum to life and enrich your lessons. We’ll entertain your students with magic and mind reading tricks that are rooted in maths and then explain each of the maths principles at work in a way that your students will understand and – importantly – remember.

Your students will be gripped by the magic of maths and have a lot of fun learning through maths tricks and games.

Our maths magic workshops are effective because they've been developed by experts in both fields – professional magician Ian Carpenter and Garrod Musto, a highly experienced secondary school head of mathematics. All of the magic tricks that we use in the workshop are closely matched to the maths curriculum.

Magician in School in Wiltshire

About our maths magic workshop

Our maths magic workshop has three sections:

mathematician in Bath, Somerset

1.The magic show: a professional, highly entertaining magic show with lots of opportunities for the audience to take part and have fun. The magic show leaves students eager to hear about the maths behind the tricks and to have professional magic secrets revealed to them.

2.Learning to do maths magic tricks: working alongside your teachers, we teach your students how to do a selection of maths tricks and give them a chance to practice their newly-learnt tricks and techniques.

3.The maths behind the magic: we explore the maths secrets behind the magic tricks, explaining all of the maths principles involved with the help of a PowerPoint presentation created by secondary school head of mathematics Garrod Musto. We reveal enough secrets to satisfy Derren Brown and David Blaine fans!

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Who's experienced our maths magic

  • The Bath University Maths Masterclass
  • Kingswood School
  • Chew Valley School
  • Hayesfield School
  • STEMNET and sponsors GE.

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magician in School in Bath, Somerset